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To connect your products with the worlds largest network of language professionals, request a quote or contact:

Drew MacFadyen
Advertising & Conference Manager
Drew at proz dot com
Hours: 7am to 5pm EST
+ 1 267-940-7678
fax: 215-701-4172
Skype Me�!

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Virtual Conferences

Pricing below is PER EVENT. Multiple event special pricing is also available, contact Drew MacFadyen for more information.


Additional Booths:

  • For the same event - $500
  • For multiple events - 20% discount on booth packages
    • Upload of up to 20 documents, webpage links or videos
    • Link to all documents are provided in conference resource center
    • Choose from 3 booth designs
    • Extended online presence in virtual environment during 3 month archive period

Resource center - $100 per document

  • Allows you to load one downloadable item to the Resource Center
  • Multiple document price structure available: documents - $250, 10 documents - $400

Linked announcements - full event space - $250

  • Live announcement with link to your website (or booth) delivered to all areas except the session hall
  • Announcement must be given to ProZ.com in advance, timeslots are assigned on a first come first serve basis after package participants have been assigned announcement times

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