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To connect your products with the worlds largest network of language professionals, request a quote or contact:

Drew MacFadyen
Advertising & Conference Manager
Drew at proz dot com
Hours: 7am to 5pm EST
+ 1 267-940-7678
fax: 215-701-4172
Skype Me�!

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Webinar series

ProZ.com conducts a series of webinars that are free to attend for ProZ.com users. Vendors may participate in the webinar series. ProZ.com can also conduct exclusive product launch webinars, or promote vendors existing webinars. Webinar and Q&A webcasts are also available via virtual conference options

View upcoming webinars at http://www.proz.com/training/webinars/

  • Cost to be included in webinar series is $500 per webinar
  • Webinar software is provided by ProZ.com
  • Webinar set up, promotion and all registration and support is handled by ProZ.com
  • Advertiser will be able to share their desktop to demonstrate software
  • ProZ.com staff will moderate the webinar and Q&A
  • ProZ.com will send a follow up email on advertisers behalf with special offers and contact information
  • ProZ.com may also record webinars and make them available at https://videos.proz.com/

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