written and designed for the web by Joel Schlemowitz http://homepage.newschool.edu/%7Eschlemoj/film_courses/glossary_of_film_terms/ Filmmaking is an art with a very complex, and in some ways confusing, vocabulary of terms. To communicate with labs, negative cutters and with your crew it is best to know the right term to use. The terms can often be used against someone not familiar with them. Use this glossary to keep those who would try to intimidate you with the lingo from doing so, but remember too, where you started from and do not use this glossary to become one of those intimidators. This glossary is intended to be supplemental to a film production course. It is a glossary of the nomenclature of filmmaking, not an encyclopedia of filmmaking. Many of the more complex issues have not been given a full explanation: such as the “how to” of any of the processes defined here. This is a list of simple definitions to help you “speak film” and find and understand the answers to your questions rather than be the answers themselves. http://homepage.newschool.edu/%7Eschlemoj/film_courses/glossary_of_film_terms/glossary_index.html Glossary of Film Terms - Alphabetical and Subject Index

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