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Fluency Translation Suite 2013

4.3 out of 5
Out of 30 user reviews.

No matter your situation, the Fluency solutions can help. Fluency conveniently and intuitively gathers many helpful resources and tools into its interface and empowers you to translate faster and more accurately than ever before.

Because your translation memories (TM) and language-specific glossaries are only a click away, Fluency makes previously laborious translation tasks simple and efficient. The customizable format allows translators to adjust everything to their liking, further enhancing the translation experience. Fluency transforms terminology management into a simple, organized, successful process.

Fluency enhances the speed and accuracy even for skilled translators. Agencies or businesses that integrate Fluency into its translation process will be able to handle large translation volumes with greater ease and efficiency, which boosts productivity and profits. Fluency can quickly become an integral part of any workflow system because it is so easy to master.

In short, Fluency can be a key to the success of a translation enterprise.
Fluency was created by Western Standard, a technology company based in Utah USA.

Software details

PriceStarting at $399.00
File formatsAdobe PDF, Apple Strings, Bilingual Word, HTML, MS Word, WordFast & more
License typePerpetual
System requirements
Operating systemWindows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
System requirements1 GHz Processor; 2 GHz or faster recommended; 1 GB RAM; 2 GB RAM recommended; 1024 X 768 or greater
CompatibilitySupports open standard file formats XLIFF, TMX, TBX, Wordfast and SDL Trados.
Support & upgrades
Support and upgrades offered/includedInstallation support, automatic updates, affordable upgrades, more on support
Support and tutorial links
No data
30 days
Free trial
No data
Languages supportedWe support more than 3x the amount of languages supported by most other CAT tools. ISO 639.2 is our standard.

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5 out of 5
How easy is it to learn?

Highly Recommended First CAT, (or second... or third), Excellent Tool
Review by 
Jason Holt (X) . I have thoroughly enjoyed using Fluency Professional 2011 and now 2013 in all my translation work. It is an excellent tool. As another reviewer mentioned, it has all of your glossary, translation memory, and even websites that you use frequently available to you in the bottom pane. It has a a great document preview and the layout makes working with the program a breeze. No menus or tab switching necessary. It does have some issues with maintaining formatting in some cases, especially with PDFs, but it handles PDF files in general better than any of the other CATs I have tried, including Trados, MemoQ, and Wordfast. That was one of the deciding factors in getting Fluency over the others initially. Finally, it has the best, most helpful customer support I have ever dealt with, bar none. Every time I have had an issue with something or found a bug, the Western Standard team was quick to respond to my emails and in many cases if it was a bug, squashed it and released a patch within a day or two. These guys deserve an award. First time buyers, look no further. Second/third/fourth timers, its worth a look.
28 out of 33 found this review helpful.

5 out of 5
How easy is it to learn?

It has to be one of the best translaling tools available, it just has to be!
Review by 
Andrés Mendoza . I have been using Fluency now for more than a year and I just can't express how happy I am to have this tool. When you look at the price and what you get it just has to be one of the best CAT tools available. You might find a more economic tool and you might find something more sophisticated, but not one tool will have both qualities. It is extremely easy to use and it is very versatile. You can use translation memories from most of the other common CAT tools available and you can combine Fluency with other tools to aid you in your work (Abbyfinereader, Dragon Naturally Speaking to only name two). You can use scanned images of text to convert that into text format and you can transcribe audio and video with ease. You will online and real time access to the web pages you like, dictionaries, etc. It also has tools like Concordance to help you in keeping the same terms on long translations or similar documents and it builds your own term database which comes in very handy when you work documents that have similar terms. The only problem I had was keeping the same format of the source document when it was a very big file. I solved that by dividing the document into smaller parts. However, now that I am using Fluency 2013, I can handle bigger files and so far I have not needed to divide the source document into smaller parts. It can even help you when you are typing by giving you choices to autocomplete words or terms. And the best thing of all is that it speeds up your time and efficiency by at least 30% and sometimes up to 40%. Honestly sometimes I surprise myself by how fast I can translate some documents. It will be an investment you will never regret. Believe me. I am very happy with Fluency and I endorse it with my eyes closed.
19 out of 23 found this review helpful.

5 out of 5
How easy is it to learn?

Excellent, affordable, user-friendly CAT tool
Review by 
Nadia Price . I first heard about Fluency in a translation class, and was quickly convinced to give it a try at the beginning of my freelance career because of the ease of use/ minimal learning curve, and the affordable price compared to Trados.

Great features include:
- compatible with most CAT tools and file formats
- excellent, on-going, prompt tech support (technicians not only help you fix your issue or file, they also release an update to correct the problem from re-occuring)
- adaptable software according to the needs expressed by users (for example, several users expressed the need to be able to use Word shortcuts for accents and unbreakable spaces; a few weeks later, an update was released to enable that feature)
- Source/ Target-preview with glossary, TM and additional on-line dictionaires (customizable) all in one window (I also open the TM search for a particular client when I need to confirm a specific term)

Overall, an excellent, high-quality CAT tool no matter what your level of software expertise - highly recommend!
17 out of 22 found this review helpful.

5 out of 5
How easy is it to learn?

Efficiency comes from the basic features of this CAT tool.
Review by 
Bryan Jeong Guk Lee . Since I got Fluency 2 years ago, I heavily depend on it. The biggest merit of this CAT tool, for me, is none other than its intuitive yet revolutionary user interface, which allows me to translate documents without ever leaving it. Since all the online and offline resources (tm, dictionaries, concordance search, research-related web sites, etc.) are already in the same user interface, you can look up whatever you need to with one drag, one right click and one left click for multiple sites and tools all at once. (For this, you need a big monitor.) This actually saves me a lot of time (10 or 15 seconds at a time) and mental energy and allows me to concentrate on the task at hand. I don't have the ability to describe and compare technical features of different CAT tools (admittedly, I have technophobia), but this translator-friendly interface with this layout and with this adjustability (you can insert your language-specific sites in the make-up of the resource pane) is what translators need. Finally, tech support is great, which is a must for someone like me.
15 out of 20 found this review helpful.

5 out of 5
How easy is it to learn?

I would recommend it to my collegues
Review by 
Monica Rightenour . I own Fluency and I use it daily. It is very easy to learn and has many integrated features that are very helpful.
The interface displays at all times the Glossary, Translation Memories, Dictionary, Google search, Concordance search, Term definition, Extended glossary, and other additional resources . The settings can be changed allowing the selection of additional tabs. The TMs can be imported and/or exported.
Fluency supports many of the major TM exchange formats.
Files created with Trados, Wordfast, or other CAT tools can be uploaded and used by the translator.
Fluency provides a view of the source document and a preview of the target document. The target document can be seen as each segment is translated. A preview button is available for viewing the output (Word, HTML, PPT, etc.).
I like Fluency more than Wordfast classic and Wordfast Pro, which I used before.

The support is very fast and the license is perpetual and includes free updates.
The problem I have with Fluency is that it fails to keep the formatting of the source text and this creates additional work.
14 out of 19 found this review helpful.

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