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Marketing & Recruitment day

Sep 28, 2016


  • + Is the virtual event series free to attend?

    Yes, the entire 3 day virtual event series is 100% free to attend. Attendees merely need a ProZ.com profile & to register for the events. Then on September 28-30th login to ProZ.com and visit the appropriate event date page.
    Wednesday September 28th Marketing & Recruitment day
    Thursday September 29th - CAT Tool & Software day
    Friday September 30th - ProZ.com 2016 virtual conference for International Translation Day

  • + How do I participate in the sessions & ask questions?

    Each session has their own specific page where attendees can communicate/chat/network with other attendees & ask questions of the session presenter(s). All session pages are linked & listed in the virtual event program

    Attendees can set turn off the ability for other attendees to send chat messages & hide their visibility by checking the appropriate boxes

    Attendees can ask questions prior to & during the live broadcast - the ability to submit questions is disabled once the live broacast ends. All attendee questions submitted will remain hidden from public and are only visible to the attendee that asked the question & the presenter/speaker. Questions, when answered or addressed will be made visible to all attendees.

  • + How do I participate in main chat room & exhibitor chat rooms?

    The chat room does now support mobile/non-flash options simply click on the "use non-flash version" link found at the top left just above the chat window. Attendees can also enable web/voice to have private chat with voice/video. Attendees & exhibit staff should adjust their settings, in particular the chimes that are present when attendees enter/leave the room (set to be on as default and quite distracting with the volume of participants at the event.

  • + How do I earn the 10 ATA CE points awarded to the virtual event?

    ProZ.com's September 30th virtual event for International Translation Day has been awarded 10 ATA CE points. The CE points are only awarded to those attendees that attend the September 30th virtual event between the live hours 10:00 GMT - 22:00 GMT. In order to earn the attendee certificate, attendees must attend during the live hours on September 30th.

    Certificates of attendance will be issued to attendees and can be found in their ProZ.com profile before October 7th, 2016

    To download your conference certificate of attendance visit your ProZ.com profile and scroll down to the Conference Participation area.

    You may need to display standardized information by clicking "+" to expand and "Display standardized information"

    Then you can locate this years event & download your certificate as a PDF.

    ATA CE points are submitted to the ATA based on your membership renewal. Simply print and submit your ProZ.com virtual event certificate of attendance and include along with any other CE points you are submitting. Visit http://www.atanet.org/certification/aboutcont_overview.php for more information on the ATA CE points process.

  • + Can I participate from a mobile phone or tablet?

    YES. Starting in 2016 the entire ProZ.com virtual event is mobile compatible. All panels, sessions & content will be broadcast in mixed bandwidth (and free of flash technology) permitting those with mobile phones & those in low bandwidth countries to participate fully. The chat room will also now have a non-flash based/mobile participation option.

  • + Will the session's be recorded & how do I access recordings?

    All sessions & all content will be recorded & will be available to all attendees for 90 days. In order to be eligible to watch session recordings, attendees must attend the September 30th virtual event during the live hours of 10:00 GMT and 22:00 GMT. By attending during the live hours, you will be granted access to all event recordings for at least 90 days.

  • + What do I do if I have forgotten my password or login name?

    To retrieve your login and reset your password visit https://www.proz.com/user/forgot-password and enter your email address and you will be sent instructions on how to retrieve your user name & reset your password. ProZ.com does not have access to stored passwords. In order to reset your password, you must have access to the email associated with your ProZ.com profile.

  • + Audio & video problems

    Important - attendees should only have one browser or browser tab/page open at a time. Opening multiple browser tabs with the ProZ.com virtual event may result in audio echo. The video player supports mixed bandwidth & low bandwidth playback. If you're experiencing video delay or audio stutter please adjust (lower) your video playback settings in the lower right corner of the video player.

  • Exhibitor/sponsor FAQ

  • + Exhibitor access

    Please visit http://www.proz.com/advertising/options/virtual-conferences for more information about becoming a ProZ.com virtual event exhibitor. Each exhibitor/sponsor must select an employee with a ProZ.com profile to be the exhibit booth "admin". This grants employee access to the ProZ.com exhibit booth builder. Email Drew to become an exhibitor or sponsor today.

  • + Exhibitor booth builder details

    Visit http://www.proz.com/pages/presentationrecordinginfo/Exhibitor%20Specs for the full exhibitor booth build details. Each exhibitor/sponsor can create their own custom HTML booth & preview the booth using the ProZ.com booth builder. Chat must be included in your HTML. Chat is hosted/provided by ProZ.com. Simply inlude this code - {{chat}} only the double bracket & word chat. This will pull up your assigned ProZ.com chat room and embed within your HTML. The space allocated for this should be 775 X 600 and should ideall have a background image/place holder of the same size for when booth chat is turned off. Exhibit booth admins can toggle booth chat on/off as well as toggle their booth visibility on/off

    When booth chat is toggled off your chat room will not be visible in your exhibit booth & attendees will not be able to chat with your exhibit staff. When booth chat is "off"

    All staff that wish to participate in the virtual event need a ProZ.com profile & to register for the events

    Your exhibit staff will enter & engage with the virtual environment in the same manner as an attendee. There is no "designation" as staff. As such, staff should edit their ProZ.com profile user name (displayed in chat) to be Company_firstname e.g. ProZ_Drew that way attendees will be able to identify your exhibit staff.